Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Ode to the MacArthur Clan

My uncle wearing traditional Scottish dress on
his wedding day. June 2000, Ahaus, Sweden
"There is nothing older than the hills, MacArthur, and the Devil"
-Gaelic Proverb

It seems everyone is sporting plaid this season. Hailing from a proud Scotch-Irish family, I, certainly, am no exception. I was very excited to see versions of my family's MacArthur tartan popping up both on the runway and in store (H&M, J. Crew, and Madewell to name a few).

Below are some great, though slightly modified, versions of the MacArthur plaid:
Celine Pre Fall 2012 Collection
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  1. That is very cool, I love how you put that image of your uncle wearing plaid kilt and how it inspired the garments your posted.